Recapturing the local store experience

A place of cultural confluence in an intellectual, trendy and popular district.

The brief

At a time when customer relationships are becoming increasingly impersonal due to digital domination, the Librairie de Paris is opting for a makeover. The goal? To promote exchange, advice, meetings, events, and people. The bookstore wishes to enhance the cultural experience and become once again an iconic landmark in the Place de Clichy district.

Our recommendation

The agency created a scenery of atypical volumes, towering bookshelves, and spacious aisles punctuated with strong visual markers. From the storefront, large totems display all the latest literary masterpieces, while at the same time allowing a clear view of the interior.

Once inside, smoothly designed passageways facilitate movement between the different departments and encourage visitors to stroll around the ground floor and the mezzanine, and browse the corridors filled with printed works.

The agora located at the center is for hosting the many events and book signings, thus putting the authors at the heart of the bookstore.

The general atmosphere is warm; customers move along seamlessly from an anthracite gray setting – the embodiment of the city – to a brighter atmosphere at the back of the bookstore, evoking the tranquil environment so typical of libraries.

The renovation of the original wooden floor anchors the place in continuity. Spikes of “theater” red – in reference to the institutional color of the Maison Gallimard and the many theaters located in the neighborhood – further energize the already lively ambiance.

The graphic identity of the bookstore is an integral part of the project. It is inspired by collages, posters and manifestos that have marked the ages. The walls are adorned with many different evocative words and faces of iconic personalities that once lived in the district.

We have succeeded in our mission! The Librairie de Paris has a new look without losing its original soul.


Interior Architecture  |  Graphic Identity  |  Signage  |  Project Management

Since its reopening in September 2019, the Librairie de Paris has received an average of 50 more customers per day and has posted double-digit growth.

Philippe Touron – Director of the Madrigall group bookshops.