Opening New Horizons

Differentiating the subject to convey a pioneering vision.

The Brief

A European power exchange, Epex Spot manages the short-term electricity markets in Central Europe. Its mission: to balance short-term supply and demand by determining the value of electricity in a field subject to high volatility. One that it must fulfill towards consumers, the environment, and the electricity community as a whole! However, new competition is causing a paradigm shift, and the criteria for choosing customers are changing in this market: product innovation, service, and price. Given this context, how does one position and generate preference for Epex Spot, valuing both its uniqueness and its strengths?

Our Recommendation

Embody change by showing that Epex Spot is more than just a power exchange; it is a pioneering and innovative vision: great ideas that open up new horizons.

We highlighted the advantages that Epex Spot, a pioneer in the market for over 10 years, has over its competitors, and its impressive ability to plan ahead. We cultivated its position as an open-world actor, always ready to anticipate and respond to the needs of customers and society. Our main course of action was to showcase Epex Spot’s major projects and how they transformed the market and enhanced their long-term vision, enabling them to challenge convention and open up new areas of innovation for the benefit of all.


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