Lonsdale Launches the Planning Trend Room

Agency life

Lonsdale launches the Planning Trend Room, the very first show to decipher brand mentoring, craftivism and discuss brand trends to meet the needs of clients. Conceptualized by our strategic planning team, produced by MakeMyDay and moderated by Félix Mathieu, Director of Strategic Planning, alongside Sandy Lasry, join us for this first issue in the video below!

This new format is enriched with an innovative newsletter sent via Substack, a first for an agency in France. Substack is a new network, very popular among US journalists, which allows you to edit newsletters and comment on them, as well as find all the previous issues.

For a 2-week update and to keep an eye on the most creative, useful, improbable or even the most mystical trends that can help you nurture your brand and open up new opportunities for innovation, activation and experiments, subscribe for free by clicking on the link: https://trendroomlonsdale.substack.com/