Lonsdale certified Great Place to Work !

Agency life

Our agency receives the Great Place To Work® certification, the world reference in terms of employee experience which rewards companies where it feels good to work.

According to the results of the Great Place to Work® “Trust In” survey conducted in March 2022 among Lonsdale’s 200 employees, 84% of Lonsdalians say that “overall, the agency is a company in which we feel good”, based on 5 key themes of the employee experience : values, leadership, trust, inclusion, and innovation.

Lonsdale obtained particularly notable scores on the items of solidarity (95% positive responses), attention to teams (78 to 80% positive responses), and friendliness (85 to 90% positive responses). Results that corroborate the data that the agency had already been collecting each year for 5 years in its internal survey.

For Frédéric Messian, CEO of Lonsdale: “After months marked by covid, confinements and remote working, which have reshuffled the cards in terms of employee expectations, we are particularly proud that Lonsdale has obtained, hands down, the Great Place To Work® certification. This is the result of the historical importance given by all the managers of the agency to their teams. What emerges is a strong sense of team pride, a committed and successful community that shares the same project.”

For Julie Verdeau, Director of Talent at Lonsdale: “We are delighted that the values ​​embodied by Lonsdale, together with the effectiveness of leadership, create a culture of trust that encourages everyone to develop their potential. The results of the Great Place to Work® “Trust In” survey verified some key themes. We have also been able to identify the levers for improvement, particularly on the company’s civic contribution, which will allow us to progress. Our ambition is to ensure that Lonsdale is a sustainable Great Place to Work and continues to attract and retain talent, particularly in the current context of questioning the meaning of work among the younger generations.”